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Campin’ with my dog

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 30, 2009

So, my girlie has a personal blog.

I’ll let you guess which one it is in my list of links on the lower right.

Anyway, we went camping for a few days last week and got to see the dog experience all manner of things for

the first time. Which prompted her to suggest I post about some of the funny stuff he does.

I then proceeded to tell her… well, you see I have what we call an “art blog”.

I make funny pictures and talk about how they came about. I don’t review movies or books I’ve read or talk about my weekend or anything like that.

It’s about me- but about how the art I make relates to my life as opposed to just my life itself.

But then I thought, hmm, I can blog about my camping trip if I make  funny pictures of it!

So here’s a few:

dogs puppies cute camping raccoons George Berlin animation art licensing kids children

That top drawing is of some of the awesome RV’s in the campground- I think a few were bigger than our condo! And a couple I saw had little welcome signs and windsocks

and stuff  around them. A few even had Dish TV’s planted outside them- these folks were in for the long haul!

And yes, I did see one with a cow skull on the front, using a 2 mpg RV to tow an 8 mpg SUV with a few bikes on top like in the drawing. Nothing like dragging your house around the country with


Go Green!

That middle drawing is a pretty accurate picture of my dog Thunder after 2 days in the wild. The flies around him aren’t to show that he’s stinky (although he sort of was) but to show that well, there was

a ton of bugs out there. He was rolling around in all kinds of leaves and other filth laying down at our camp.

He gets this thing when we’re camping where he’s having so much fun running all over and doing new things that he won’t stop when he’s tired.

So he’ll play and jump around and stuff until he’s just so happy and soooo exhausted that’s he’s just sitting on the ground, panting and excited and fighting really hard to keep his eyes open.

The little chipmunk is there because there was a TON of them in that park- and he could never get one! And boy, did he want to. They, unfortunately, were watching him much more closely than he was watching them. He’d see one and get all alert, then lose focus or lay his head down or see some other critter and while he was distracted- a chipmunk would sneak right past him!

So it was a fun but frustrating weekend for him. One literally walked right around behind him that he never saw.

And then, there’s the raccoons. Thunder-well, he’s never seen one. And I’m pretty sure he would have liked to get a better view of the one that rather nonchalantly strolled through the next campsite at 7 pm the first night we were there.

So there you are- dog adventures in a nutshell!


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