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Work Stuff! (even more Edgar Degas)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on July 6, 2009

So, I showed a few animated scenes from Edgar Degas (which I’m animating right now) earlier…

You can see them all right here:

Work Stuff!

as well as all kinds of other things I somehow manage to get people to pay me for!

Anyway, here’s the next scene:

The way this story works is, well we start out with Degas in that first scene at the ballet and then he goes into telling us his life story (as voice over) while we show paintings, photographs from the time, animation, etc.

But we always keep going back to him at the ballet whenever he speaks right to the audience.

And, of course, the concertmaster (did I mention his name is Emile?) is still very upset that there’s some guy painting on his stage right when the show is about to start.

So basically Degas just keeps telling his story right up to the end, still at the ballet and leaves juuuust before it starts.

Which means we get to see Emile slowly cracking up as he attempts to shoo Degas off the stage each time.

Then hilarity ensues!

I particularly like the dainty pinky-up pose when he talks about the Salon- Degas was a bit of a cranky snoot himself it seems.

I also like the head down but eyes up pleading pose when Emile says, “Zee ballet?”

It’s sort of modeled after that moochy sad look my dog gets when I’m eating something delicious on the couch and

he’s got his head on my leg and he reaaaaaallly wants some. Oh please oh please oh pleeeeeaase?

Whaddya think?

I just have to add some ballerinas in the background and that shot is good to go!

See more of the videos in the series right here:

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