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Dino Racing Team! (part 5)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on July 7, 2009

When last we saw our courageous car-driving dino heroes…

(um, right here)

… we had a few dinos in dragsters and 50’s hot rods!

Well, we’re gonna crush them puppies today!

dinosaurs monster trucks derby crushing cartoons animation art childrens kids licensing George Berlin

Or at least jump right over them!

Okay, so it’s not colored yet- it’s been a busy week.

That and, well, I had a really tough time figuring out how to show all the junk that’s underneath

a monster truck without it looking too cluttered up. Since it’s all shocks and pistons and weird super-extended

drive train doodads and so on.

I mean, you have to show SOMETHING but it can’t get too technical for the kiddies. So I settled on a few axle things and some shocks and the

rest in *cough* silohouette.

If you noticed, the other Dino Racers were all wearing helmets. Well, not this guy!

I gave him a slightly more, ahem, “redneck-y” baseball hat instead. I thought it was a little more fitting.

Just picture him going over the washed-out bridge letting loose with a rebel yell while some banjo music plays in the

background, if that helps any!

See you soon…

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