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Work Stuff (Degas continues)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on July 17, 2009

First off, I had me a nice little trip  over the last week to Washington where my short “Lullaby” was playing in a kid’s film program

at the National Gallery of Art.

Fancy, right? It was very cool to see all the little young’uns enjoying my work.

Okay, now back to the stuff they pay me to do so I can go traveling the world meeting little kids who like my cartoons…

Here’s the second to the last time we see Degas in the ballet, just before the ending.

Well, it’s not the scene right before it- just the one in the ballet right before it. If you’ll recall from these posts earlier…

Work Stuff (other Degas animation)

the video begins with Degas in the ballet painting away even though the production is about to start.

He talks about his life and we cut to photos of his paintings and other animated events in his life, but we always come back to him narrating in  the ballet.

Here the ballet concertmaster, Emile, comes in with intentions of telling him he has to leave. But Degas is a bit too raving mad for Emile to get up the nerve to say anything.

More later!

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