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“The Bee’s Knees” my next short animated film (part 8 of a bazillion)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on July 20, 2009

Look! It’s back!!

I’ve been working on my next short film again!

What can I say- I’ve been to DC to watch a screening there, and someone from an independent theater in Boston got in touch with me the next day to see if I’d like to show it there.

So I got short films on the brain.

This was my last post…

Here’ some new doodles!

bumblebee animation kids childrens art licensing cartoons film George Berlin

I’ve been trying lately to figure out how I’m going to animate this. Hmm.

The story is actually pretty solid in my mind, so really it’s a technical/creative toss-up at this point.

Sort of a battle between what’s the easiest way to do what I want to do VS. what’s the best way to do my creative vision justice.

So some of the images you’ll see here are reference drawings for production, yes- but they’re also something I’m drawing to figure things out.

Like, is it going to work to have all these hills and the car going through tunnels during the chases scenes? Will this film work better in 3d than drawn by hand?

I’ve been worrying a bit about how doing it in 3d might sacrifice some of the look I’m going for. And, to be honest, it’s much easier for me to realize some of the funny stuff drawn traditionally. I could

do it in 3D- it would just take a lot longer as only one guy.

That, and there’s funny little details in this picture- like the fuzzy grass ‘stubble’ on top of the hills- that might be weird in 3D. I only want to see the stubble on the TOP of a hill, not on its surface. That’s something that’s easy to draw, but weird to figure out in 3D.

I did kind of work out how the rivers in the scene will flow around the hills. Traditional animation is kind of weird- you have to think in ‘layers’ but flat layers. So I have to think, okay…all the hills on this side of the river have to be ‘on top’ of the river itself…but there’s that weird part where the rivers curves around on the right where it goes ‘behind’ the hill it was just on top of earlier.

A lot of head-scratching. Some of these drawings I make and then just sit there and look at really hard for a long time and try to dissect what I’m going to do when it comes time to animate this.

I also noticed that the multi-colored patterned hills look sort of like someone stacked up a bunch of colored Easter eggs.


And I got to thinking about how the landscape fits in with the story, too.

Basically, it’s the tale of this little bee who meets the flower (girl) of his dreams and she gets taken away from him. And so he’s chasing this car which he just can’t catch, really- I’m sure bees can’t fly that fast. All the while through this crazy curvy-hilled world, with tunnels and bridges and lots of cars and trucks and he gets turned around and disoriented and lost and blown all over.

So the world he’s in is kind of a metaphor of all the things that stand in the way of something you want and how sometimes it seems like you’re just, well, a little bee chasing a car down a crazy road.

I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Next time-some animation!


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