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Flight Collection (part 2!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on July 24, 2009

Way back here…

I showed some of the scribbly beginnings of the Flight Collection.

Well, here’s some colored versions!

Balloon airplane cartoon animation kids art childrens licensing George Berlin cute

It’s the Olde Tyme hot air balloon!

Crazy, right? Well I guess this comes from two things. First, I think reading “Around the World in 80 Days” as a kid had some effect on me.

And probably the biggest thing is that I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico- home of the world’s largest Balloon Fiesta! We used to see 500 balloons just floating around while we were riding the bus

to school in the morning each October.So we have the balloons represented.

I like this balloon- it’s simple and the colors make it look like a big floating beach ball. And the flag on top gives it that 1800’s feel to it- the whole ‘spirit of adventure’ thing.

On to some faster means of air travel- the jet!

jet airplane fighter f 16 cartoon animation kids funny flying childrens licensing George Berlin

I like this little jet plane! It feels like a real plane, yet it’s somehow very short and stumpy.

That and it can’t be a real jet without FIRE shooting out the back of it, right?

I’m hoping the red star on the side isn’t the military logo of some evil country. I’m not much of a military buff…

The little needle on the nose is one of my favorite parts- I visited an aerospace museum in Utah with my girlie and was amazed at how long some of those can be!

Apparently, they’re for measuring air speed and pressure and fancy sci-un-tifical stuff like that.

These two will be together with the chopper from the Police and Fire Rescue Force and the prop plane from this dog painting of mine.

Along with a few Air Force group type insignias and maybe some clouds and stuff.

Whaddya think?


2 Responses to “Flight Collection (part 2!)”

  1. Awesome art, please can I use your art for tutorial android live wallpaper, will acknowledge you in marketplace.

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