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“The Bee’s Knees” my next short animated film (part 15 of a bazillion)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 3, 2009

So, I bonked the bee on the head real nice last time…

And gave him just a glimpse of his darlin’ the flower.

Now- on to the meeting!

bumblebee childrens kids art cartoon funny licensing animation George Berlin

This is  one of my favorite scenes of the film!

It’s basically just cutting back and forth from a slow zoom into the flower to closer and closer views of the bumblebee as he gets more and more excited to see her.

I was thinking of old skool film technique where they just build up the reveal of the babe slowly- or even those stupid teen comedies where the girl has the wind machine

blowing her hair and the guys are just melting as she walks by on the beach.

Essentially- she’s a flower babe! How can he resist?

But I also wanted it to be like he’s a little kid getting a new toy for Christmas, too. A bit more of an innocent thrill as well.

I watch a whole lot of Spongebob- I think  that will explain a great deal.

I like his little wings twitching as he gets more excited, and especially how he holds his hands in that last frame.

Next board:

bumblebee childrens kids art cartoon funny licensing animation George Berlin

Okay, so she doesn’t really have hair…

I just wanted it to be like she’s turning around and her petals get in the way and she flips them a bit. Like she’s a babe without even trying.

And I really love the ‘duh’ face he has when he sees her for the first time.  That’s how we men really look when we see a girlie we like.

Just ask your woman how you looked when you first met her- she’ll tell you.

My favorite shot of this page, though, is the last one where they just look at each other from the side for a little bit. It has sort of that seeing a girl somewhere funny like the

bus stop bench or something and sharing a nervous smile across the street kind of feel.

Next time- more romancin’!


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