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Some random Cute Animals

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 10, 2009

What the heck- who doesn’t need some random cute animals in their life?

After all the cartoon heartache I poured on everyone last time, I’m sure you’re ready!

So here we go!

cute baby elephant cartoon animals funny kids art childrens animation George Berlin

Where’d this come from?

Well, I was browsing a few fun illustration websites and there was a picture of a hairy elephant- nothing like this.

But still, I went hmmm…elephants.

He’s cute, right? Big innocent eyes, huge head and ears little tiny toes and he’s wagging his tail and all. I like using the tusk like a little baby

tooth hanging out his mouth, too.

Don’t you just want to put him on your shoulder and give him a bottle?

But wait, it gets better! Here’s some rejects!

cute baby elephant cartoon animals funny kids art childrens animation George Berlin

Some of these have promise- and some just plain stink! There’s the little cute baby elephant on the bottom right, plus an earlier drawing right above that

didn’t pass the ‘cuteness evaluation’.  I originally had a pile of peanuts next to him, but I was afraid it would just look like poo.


Where to start? Well, that big weird giraffe on the upper right ain’t quite cutting it. Even the one right in the middle looks a bit too much like a really old worn-out

horse. The bottom giraffes are getting better with the round heads and simpler features, but they’re still a little off.

The hippo’s not bad- he’s just not quite cute enough yet. The dog’s a bit weird right in the middle on the top- he’s cute just not quite proportioned right yet.

I like the sleeping cat on the left but all the cat drawings are a bit too much ‘generic cat’ for me. Gotta work on him still. I even crossed out that one since he was looking way

too Puss in Boots from Shrek for my tastes. And believe it or not, all the way on the left on the top- that’s a cat too!

Cats are a bit rough, as you can see.

Those random little guys in the upper right that are either smiling or mad were just me testing how different they look with the tooth on the top vs. on the bottom.

Design-dork stuff, ya know…

That’s it for now- see you next time!


2 Responses to “Some random Cute Animals”

  1. ashley said

    omg i love piggys!

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      It’s one of my odd little dreams to make art for a living so I can have a house with a little piggie running around as my pet.


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