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Outer Space collection (part 2!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 11, 2009

I showed a few spaceman doodles way back here when I’d just come up with the whole idea…

and a colored space shuttle back here…

Well, I’ve  made some more doodles that explore it a bit more!

outer space shuttle astronaut rockets cartoon funny animation kids cute art licensing George Berlin

If you take a look, you’ll agree the last spaceman I did was a bit weird. I drew his feet a tad strange.

I’m leaning towards the one in the upper right. The left one has a slightly too big head and I think it’s a bit weird that his oxygen and jet pack are the

same thing. The middle one feels too much like he’s a deep sea diver or something.

The upper right one has good proportions, I think- kind of ‘baby astronaut’, if you will. That and I seems giving him a smaller visor makes him feel more

‘astronaut’ and less ‘diver’ to me.

The rest, I was sort of re-iterating and strengthening some of the ideas I laid out last time. I like the way the rocket came out here on the bottom and the satellite thingie there is nice-

good amount of detail without going overboard and making it feel to ‘tech-y’


I was playing a bit with how the radio waves should come out of the dish on it… maybe it won’t have any waves, though.

I was trying to work out a nice sun image that would go with all of these- didn’t quite make it, really! I wanted something that felt very radiating and gassy, but these just weren’t doing it.

I might even leave the sun out, too.

I’m hoping to paint some more of these today, so we’ll see if I can get some of those up for tomorrow.

Blasting off now!


One Response to “Outer Space collection (part 2!)”

  1. Stanley Sykes said

    Contact me ASAP about your art work

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