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Outer Space collection (part3!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 12, 2009

So, I’ve worked a bit more on some of the doodles I made back in this post…

Here’s the spaceman!

astronaut outer space funny cartoon kids childrens animation art licensing George Berlin

How do ya like them apples, eh?

I like the gloves- they’re kinna fun, I think.

How’s the jet-pack/oxygen tank looking? I like the simplicity of it, personally. I did a few other drawings last time

where I made the jet pack with little control handles (like they actually have) but I didn’t want to clutter this up

or occupy his hands like that.

It felt too much like IT was wearing HIM, really.

Okay, one more…

rocket spaceship astronaut funny kids art cartoon animation licensing George Berlin

Little tiny stumpy spacemen usually need little tiny stumpy spaceSHIPS, it seems.

Again, like with the Police Rescue Force Helicopter, I went for the ‘kiddie ride outside of the supermarket that moves back

and forth for a quarter’ look on this rocket.

It’s kinda fun, right? Makes you want to jump inside and head off to some odd planet somewheres, don’t it?

Adios, until next time.


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