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More Work stuff!(Degas)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 13, 2009

Well- enough of that lazy goofing off you’ve seen from me the last few weeks…

what with all the spacemen and cute animals and crap like that.


Back to the stuff that finances all of that! It’s workin’ time!!

Here’s some of the previous work on this video, “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Edgar Degas” made by

these nice folks.

I do all the animation and paint the backgrounds just like in the book these are adapted from by Mike Venezia.

In fact, if you listen really closely, you can also hear me as one of the French dudes in the crowd at the end.

Multi-talented, I know…

It’s basically a fun little animated biography of Degas, with animated scenes that illustrate his life

in between showing his art and historical photos from the time.

So what’s going on here, you ask?

Well, Edgar’s  dad ran the family business- a bank!

The Degas were rolling in dough, apparently. Part of why Edgar could go to art school and get to be so

great instead of getting a real job, it seems.  Lucky guy.

Well, his dad wasn’t the greatest at running a bank- he preferred taking the day off to go play the guitar and hang around

galleries with his son. Good for the son- not too good for business.

So here’s the little joke on that- him turning people away with sacks full of cash that they just want to hand to him.

I’m pretty proud of the animation of him walking out- that’s always a funny angle to animate a walk… that whole 3/4 front view thing.

I gave everyone in this scene names when I was animating them for several reasons.

First off, it gets a bit disorganized calling everyone ‘Guy01’ and ‘Guy02’ etc. Or even worse it gets a bit lengthy calling them ‘Guy front right’ and ‘Guy front second from right’ etc.  So I gave them names like Vlad and Gramps and the Baron or Lucy.

And the second reason is of course, that I work down here in my studio all day with no one to talk to so I need to invent some ‘friends’ for the day.


They’re all pretty awesomely funny looking, aren’t they? I can say that because, well, I didn’t design these characters- the author of the book did.

I also think I did a good job animating the acting on Edgar’s dad before he walks away. Subtle, but it gets the point across without using a hundred poses.

More later!


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