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Even more Degas Work Stuff!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 17, 2009

So, showed you a bit of stuff back here…

(you can see the rest here, too)

Now, more Degas!

So what’s going on here?

Well, Degas’ Dad passed away and guess what? Turns out he hadn’t been running the bank his family owned as well as everyone had thought!

Edgar was broke, basically.

Luckily the Impressionists decided to put on their own show at this point and Edgar jumped at the chance to sell some work.

This shows the aftermath of the show (well, a bit exaggerated of course).

Basically Edgar brought 10 paintings to the show and sold 7 of them. Hey, I’d be happy to sell 5 out of 10 I bring to a show…

The rest of them, well- they didn’t do too well. Nobody bought any work and they basically got torn apart for their art and ideas.

I kinna like the guy crawling with the canvas on his butt. Hee-yuk. I gave all these guys funny names too, just like in this post.

Hey c’mon, they all look the same- it’s hard to keep them organized otherwise. That and whenever we do animation with the French in

it, everyone has a twirly moustache! So I can’t exactly call anyone ‘moustache guy’.

My other favorite part is the guy with the glasses on the bottom whose moustache twirls in and out in little spirals while his glasses wiggle and his eyes spin.

That and the way Edgar counts his money- great classic animation fake-y stuff. I love them dirty tricks…

I just put in that little pop with his left arm at the right point and your brain tells you that he’s flipping a bill from one hand to the other!

When, of course, in reality it’s the same little counting loop over and over and over again. No bills go anywhere!

That and I toss in a bill flying here and there and voila!  It’s real!

Whatcha think?


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