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More more work! (Edgar Degas)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 19, 2009

Back to Edgar Degas- we saw a bit of animation way back here about how well his Dad was running the bank…

The short answer- not very well!

Again, more animation from the video here:

Work Stuff Archive

So, what to say about this one? Well, obviously it’s not entirely finished yet- but darn close!

I’m coloring it as we speak, actually.

First off, I cheated on this one. Well, not really.

I did however, create a 3D model of the door swinging open and then trace it so the perspective would be good.

Bad animator, right? No, good animator really.


I did however, do all the drawings of Degas stepping through the door, which I’m pretty proud of. He lifts his leg a bit high, but I think it still works very nicely.

How did I animate all that money disappearing, you ask? Well, we did this video about Thomas Jefferson where we show James Monroe paying Napoleon to acquire the Louisiana Purchase.

It was, like, 15 million dollars! Lotta change to bring with you somewhere, right?

So the gag I used was, well, what if he just starts shelling out the dollars right there when they agree on a price? So I animated him piling up money-like this:

Pretty funny, right?

Well, when we got to this scene from Degas where we wanted to show the money disappearing I went, hmm- reverse function anyone?

Same money, just backwards and going a bit faster. That and I piled it up a bit deeper and shortened some of the stacks.

I mean, I had to move it around a bunch of times and what not, but still. A bit faster than starting from scratch.

I animated this one shot of 3D snow flying for one of the videos- and it’s been re-used in about 4 other videos that called for snow. And I think I snuck it in a holiday graphic I was asked to do for a small TV show, too.

Animation is very environmentally friendly- we recycle all the time!

The hand is basically the same hand re-colored and re-timed about 50 times. Sounds fast, but I mean MANUALLY re-timed. Yeah.

Duplicating and shifting it a few billion times.

Nice to get up and take a little walk after something like that.

Well, back to work- more stuff soon!


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