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Work, still! (Degas)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on August 24, 2009

So, last time we saw the first part of this scene…

Now, the next part!

So first off, yes- Degas really did work on paintings after he’d sold them.

Never happy, it seems. And yes- he did have a friend who chained a painting to the wall that he’d bought so Degas wouldn’t take it home to his studio to work on it some more whenever he visited!

Crazy, right? Okay, so we exaggerated a bit with the boat anchor chain and the nails and the wrench and all.

I like how this guy pops around the scene in such a frenzy, trying to secure his painting before Degas gets in. It was a bit rough, moving his mouth all over the place trying to keep it on his face as he jumped all over.

That and I had to time it JUUUST right to keep it from showing when the hammer comes in front of his face.

I also like how gritty the watercolor is here- I’d been working a lot on getting the paint lighter and looser and more fluid with that video and it’s working out well. Last video the background’s were a bit too bright and punchy and we’d lose the characters sometimes.

That and- man was it it something to animate all those chain links moving! They go by pretty fast, but I had to do 5 or 6 drawings of those chains all moving in sync with one another as he links them up with the lock.

Chains are a pretty crazy thing to draw over and over. I kept getting the wrong side of the link on the front.

But it worked out well, I think.

Adios for now…


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