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Christmas art!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on September 3, 2009

So, I showed some Halloween art yesterday…

Today it’s on to Christmas!

christmas snowman santa reindeer cartoon funny art childrens kids licensing animation George Berlin holiday

Ho ho ho! Santa’s looking kind of weird! A little too ‘fat lumberjack’ with the gut and the hillbilly beard and the one tooth for me. Gotta rework him.

Snowman looks a bit too ‘Frosty’ also. Not enough in my style to be distinctive, really. I’ll have to tweak him a bit as well.

I like the reindeer. He looks silly with his big snout and goofy tooth and little skinny legs and all.

If I was Santa, I’d be very happy with a whole house full of those guys running around.

Okay, it’s not just Christmas in September- it’s Easter too!

easter bunny costume cartoon funny animal art kids licensing animation childrens George Berlin

Words can’t even begin to describe what’s wrong with that bunny on the left- he’s like a weird beaver in a bunny costume or something!

I might have drawn him as a person with ears strapped on and then cringed at how it looked and tried to turn it into a real bunny  *shudder*

The right one is better, but he looks a bit sly, doesn’t he? That guy’s gonna hide your basket somewhere very hard to find, I think.

I don’t usually draw bunnies with two ears. Just one. I guess for an Easter collection it might be nice if you’re sure they’re bunnies (and not mutant beavers or

anything like that).

So far, so good. Still in the exploratory stages on these.

More later!


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