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Chicago Art on Track 2009!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on October 14, 2009

Hey gang, look who’s back in action!


Been busy as heck but now we’re ready for some more blogging action!

Check out what I been up to….

Art on Track Chicago 2009 black bottle junction folk upright bass George Berlin Matthew Morgan Dave Szpunar Jeff Gilbert

Yup, that’s us playing on a real-live train rolling around the elevated tracks on the CTA. I hadda strap myself

to the handrail so I wouldn’t fall every time the train jerked all weird.

It was part of Art on Track Chicago 2009 and since we’re all part of the Flat Iron Arts building

here in Chicago which had a train full or art- we got invited to play some tunes!

Here’s another pic:

George Berlin art animation black bottle junction music folk band Matthew Morgan Dave Szpunar Jeff Gilbert

As you can see here, I’m kind of hiding the drummer behind me (Jeff, with the moustache) who just has a snare and a woodblock.

It was a great time! People kept popping in and doing a cartoon style double take like what? There’s a whole band playing on the train?!?

Great time! Come check us out:

Black Bottle Junction


2 Responses to “Chicago Art on Track 2009!”

  1. Aaron said

    Hey thanks alot for stopping by and i hope u had a great time. I will keep u informed on the next show if u want to cover it again.

    VP Salvo

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