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Opera doodles (LIVE!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on December 19, 2009




Look! I’m back after 2 months of working like a dog (and often animating dogs, too).

I’m actually posting this live as I’m drawing thanks to my cool new phone.

Here’s a few funny doodles I made gallery-sitting over at Gallery 203

I’m listening to La Traviata on the radio at the gallery. First doodle is when I heard one of those 3 Guy chorus endings.

I’ve been to 10 or 12 operas and the costumes and just plain “beardyness” of the tenors inspired that one.

Next one is based on that odd little opera laugh the men do, usually when denying something to the buxom babe who spurned his advances earlier.

I like the poofy ‘do on him.


And lastly, it’s the Opera Hunk.

‘Nuff said.

Enjoy- I’ll be back soon with holiday doodles and some art commissions and cool work stuff.

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