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Holiday art commissions! (part 1)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on December 28, 2009

So, I told ya last time…

…that we’d see some holiday art commissions after my lengthy absence due to insane work obligations.

And here they are!

art commissions animation kids funny funky cartoons fun cookies George Berlin

This one was for my friend Cheri to give to her partner Amber for Xmas. Amber is apparently rather fond of chocolate chip cookies,

I’m told.

I’ve painted a number of pieces for the two of them, including the following painting of  cherry pie I made for them last year sometime

(since her name is Cheri):

These are both about 4 x 4 on gallery profile canvas, so they’ve got designs painted on the sides, as well.

The cookies have chocolate chips on the sides and the pie has stemmed cherries lining the sides.

I painted the cookie painting so it feels like a set with the pie painting. Same color plate, about the same framing and that same shiny

feel to the highlights, etc. That and the designs along the side made them feel pretty good together, I think.

I added the milk more to balance the composition than anything else. Unless the cookies were piled high, they’d be pretty wide or long

for a square canvas, so the milk added some nice height to go along with a wider row of cookies.

That and, dernit, I’m really proud of the color of those cookies! I worked pretty hard on getting them just the right shade for chocolate

chip cookies. I remember saying the same thing about the crust on that pie…

I’ve seen so many of those really bad food paintings on, say, the side of a hot dog/ hamburger place where the meat or bun is just such a

weird inedible color that it makes me not want to eat there. Blecch.

So I think paintings of food should look, well, tasty. Dontcha think?

They’ve also bought a number of my ‘veggie’ paintings that weren’t commissions, too. I don’t think I have pictures of all of them, but check

out some of the veg’ paintings here:

Just click on the thumbnail of the carrot.

Next time, a pet portrait commission!


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