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Holiday Art Commissions! (part 2)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on December 29, 2009

As I mentioned last time…

There’s more Holiday art commissions!

funny pet portraits commissions goofy art animation fun dogs cats bunnies artist George Berlin

This, my friends, is Marley. This painting is about 6 x 6.

Odd little story- Marley actually lives in the same building as I do. And he’s a great doggie!

But, uh, for some reason he and MY dog just absolutely hate each other. My dog will start barking a half block away at Marley. They somehow

just met and decided, nope I don’t like you!

I think it’s the fact that they’re both about the same size- dogs just want to fight with anyone about the same size. Weird, I know.

Here’s a taste of the photo reference I got for this painting:

funny pet portraits commissions goofy art animation fun dogs cats bunnies artist George Berlin

I kind of grabbed the general stance from this one. Dogs are always so funny to me- the way they never really walk straight forward, like

they’re always looking back over their shoulders for something funner to do. That and this picture has that look like, hey… let’s go over here!

I had a few other photos of him on the beach, etc which were a great help with some of his look, placement of spots, and so on…

but I took a lot of the attitude from this one right here:

funny pet portraits commissions goofy art animation fun dogs cats bunnies artist George Berlin

C’mon, how do you not love a face like that, huh? And that tongue- man, it’s like a huge slab of ham or something!! Just this monster pink

thing hanging out of his face. Love it!

Kind of reminds me of my own dog, all tired from playing when we went camping (which I doodled right here)

Here’ some of my sketches of Marley:

pet portraits commissions art animals goofy fun funny paintings George Berlin

I picked the bottom one, obviously.

The top one was from a line of sketches that worked off of the tongue hanging out.

I think in most of them he looks too big- like he’s a brown lab or something. He’s only about 50 lbs and

in those he looked more like 90 lbs. That and he looked a bit too dumb there.

His owner Jason like the bottom one better (especially the slightly mischievous look on his face) but had me

slim him down a bit and bring his tail up like he’s  happy.)

So there ya are- any one have a pet they’d like painted? Gimme a holler…


2 Responses to “Holiday Art Commissions! (part 2)”

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  2. Rescy said

    lol he’s a great doggie.

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