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Animal doodles (part 1)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on December 30, 2009

So, I’m back in action on the drawing front…

Been doing a lot of that stuff, what do they call it? Oh yeah “paying work.”

Takes care of the bills and all. Now back to some fun stuff!

I been drawing some elephants and pigs and things over the holiday (random odd Xmas things for folks) and it got me thinking-

I need some circus and zoo animal licensing collections!

So here’s some of my beginnings-

circus licensing art kids funny elephant monkey fun childrens animation George Berlin

I started with the elephant, since I’ve been doing a lot of those lately. He’s so proud of himself, ain’t he? Then I moved on to that little squiggle to the right of it (which become

the monkey on the unicycle drawing below it.) I realized halfway through that the monkey would be tipping his top hat the wrong way, so I started again.

Monkeys are very specific about their fashion, you know.

Then, on to guys flying out of cannons! I was thinking something like the Flying Stromboli family of something here. Handlebar moustaches and one-piece leopard print

man-tights and all.


Then it’s on to some zoo animals:

circus licensing art kids zoo giraffe rhino ostrich funny elephant monkey fun childrens animation George Berlin

I started with the giraffe- I like his big weird ears and long skinny legs. I like the rhino, too but I’m noticing some of these look like they were drawn by a 5 year old with some

art training- a bit too loose and simple. These are just doodles to start- I’ll likely refine these some still.

The silverback gorilla looks a bit odd, but maybe he’ll look better to me after a few views. I like how nervous the ostrich looks- they have a certain worried look on their faces.

He looks like he’s ready to plunge his head in the dirt at any moment, don’t he?

I’ve always felt like seals look  like just dogs with no ears and some funny legs who swim underwater. And that’s about how this one looks- put some ears on him and he could be


Tomorrow- some more animals (including some ‘experiments’ that didn’t work out very well…)


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