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My New Art Book (order now!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 29, 2010

Hey there!

So, I mentioned last time about 100 paintings I’m giving away…

Well, I’m having a book printed about them, too!

cartoon art licensing illustration fun funny funky cool paintings animals wacky George Berlin animation book

That’s the cover, of course. I should get the actual books (7 x 7, 24 pages long) by next Friday. They’re selling for $12! What a deal, right?

It’s not really an autobiography, per se. I just realized,  y’know here’s 100 paintings that I chose to paint off the top of

my head- what does the subject matter say about me when you put them all together?

So I give a little background with each painting (they’re all 2 x 2 so they’re a bit bigger in the book than in real life!)

Like on this page:

cartoon art licensing illustration fun funny funky cool paintings animals wacky George Berlin animation book

You can order them through me personally if you’re dying for a book- just email me your address and I’ll send one out to you and

you can mail me  some dough. Or come to my show next week and get one in person and see some art, too!

Feb 5th 1579 N Milwaukee 6-10 pm in Gallery 203. We gots murals and me playing music and my pal Alice’s art opening and manner of

great stuff.

On to more fun!

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100 paintings (and a give-away!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 27, 2010

Last time, I mentioned 100 paintings I was working on…

Here they are! All done in about a week!!

100 little paintings series tiny art fun funky childrens kids cartoons funny dog animal elephant pig monkey George Berlin animation

I’ll go a bit more in-depth on a number of these in future posts (there’s a hundred- that’s a whole bunch to scan!)

but this is a project I’ve undertaken as a bit of a promo of sorts.

First off, I wanted to celebrate a few things- we have a special show opening Feb 5th at the Flat Iron Arts Building where I have

my work showing in Gallery 203. It’s this neat show called “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”.

In a nutshell- 45 artists from the building have painted an interconnected mural that runs the length of the hallways in the building.

8 feet each for about 350 feet! And each artist’s mural connects visually somehow with the ones next to it!

The best part, though, is that at 10 pm that night- we paint over the whole thing!

Crazy, right? Well it’s definitely a one-night only show, so come on out.

Also that night, come celebrate my expanded role in Gallery 203 (I now have twice the space as a full member!)

AND GET ONE OF THESE 100 PAINTINGS FREE by printing out this flier right here:

FREE ART 100 little paintings series tiny art fun funky childrens kids cartoons funny dog animal elephant pig monkey George Berlin animation

Seriously, just bring it in with your email address and I’ll give you one of these adorable little suckers. Really.

Here’s a link to that flyer if you want to email it around- and please do send it to anyone you know who likes funky, fun art!

Also that night (big night, I know….) my pal Alice Brozofsky is the guest artist in Gallery 203! She’s also my studio mate and doesn’t have a website,

but here’s a painting of hers:

Alice Brozofsky art horses sheep oils painting figurative realism

So come on down, see a huge mural, some cool realistic paintings by my buddy, and grab a free little tiny painting on me!

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12 paintings- Done!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 26, 2010

Okay, so way back heeeere….

I showed you 12 paintings I was working on at once.

Well- they’re done!

monkey opera singers elephant pigs cute funny cartoon art kids licensing fun childrens George Berlin animation

Okay, if you’re smart you noticed- there’s only 9!

3 of them were for an awesome client of mine who bought a whole bunch of paintings from me for the holidays,

so I sent him and his family some little tiny paintings as a thank you gift. I know, I’m such a nice guy, right?

I like the color on all of these- I’ll be sad to give them up. I had an artist friend tell me- when I showed a piece that’s really my favorite painting ever (which was sold) how much I missed it. She said basically- never sell the ones you love. I think the opposite is true- if I don’t love it, who else will!

Anyway, enough blabbing about my personal opinions. It’s starting to sound all ‘blogg-y’ up in here. Yuk.

How about that monkey, with the little peeled bananas running all along the sides, eh? I like it!

I’m kind of on a pig kick these days- I’ve redesigned my pigs a bit, as I was running out of posing options a bit before. See, used to be them little piggies only had a profile.

No front view to speak of. Okay, they still don’t, but I’ve designed a more frontal nose and some different feet that make them a bit more fun to do stuff with. So yeah pigs.

Elephants, too. I been mad for elephants ever since I drew some silly ‘White Elephant bags’ for my girlie’s Xmas party:

monkey opera singers elephant pigs cute funny cartoon art kids licensing fun childrens George Berlin animation

Yeah, he’s stuck in the chimney. Heeyuk. She gave these away with some (not nearly as) cool gifts inside at the office party.

Oh yeah, and I painted 100 little paintings for my art show while doing all these other ones, too!

More on that next time!

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A new big painting (in tiny form)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 13, 2010

Look! It’s a sketch for a big new weird-o painting!!

art animals weird funky fun anime critters funny cartoons kids George Berlin animation

I know, the photo stinks like last week’s cabbage… it was late and I had to get up early so I took a phone pic.

What to say here? Well, I just started out thinking… hmm monsters in a textile design. Could be interesting. so I made some critters

interlocking and overlapping and curving around each other and filled in some spaces between with other little critters.

And there you are. I like the little round ‘ball’ critters with the antennas. Them and the little amoebas and the pill bug type critters stuck in here and there.

I might lose the snoozing bear upper left corner- he’s stylistically too far from the rest of the characters. Oh, and yes, that’s Waldo just to his right. Might lose him, too.

A few others of note- yes, that IS a dodo bird near lower right! I like the weird flying mice thingies lower left- I don’t even know what those are, really.

Anteater upper right is fun- I keep meaning to draw one since they’re so funny looking. I mean, how do I resist that? It’s got funny looking built right in!

I’ve already painted the canvas a big bright orange for this painting (it’s gonna be 48 x 60). Hopefully you’ll see something of it soon!

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3D vegetables!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 5, 2010

Here’s a bit from a very new project I’m working on with some singing, dancing vegetables

that promotes good nutrition (still in the early creation stages).

I have some of it animated, but I can’t really show any of that- confidentiality and all.

There’s some original songs and all for the product they wish to sell that they don’t want out there.

Here’s some character models, however.

animated veggies vegetables broccoli celery pepper cool fun funny cartoons kids children art licensing nutrition George Berlin

The celery is the lead singer, of course. It’s always the cool,  good-looking vegetables with the awesome hair

who get to be the front man, you know.

I really dig the broccoli- looks kind of like he’s got a big green ‘fro. I also like how their stalks split into legs- feels a bit like

Gumby or something. I was also pretty proud of the organicy-ness of the pepper. Good and gnarled and bumpy like a real pepper.

Basically, he’s just a cylinder with some parts pulled inward and then pushed around a bit.

These are my client’s designs, with a touch of my hand in them. This is a bit smaller budget project, so I’m trying to keep the design simple and easily readable

with a minimal of detail. Essentially, just trying to be smart about how I spend my time. The celery’s stalk going up into his hair, for

example I tried to show as much ‘branching off’ as possible without really making it too complex so it reads ‘celery’ without a lot of


Also, the characters have hand-drawn mouths (as opposed to, say 3D modeled mouths) that are simply placed on their 3D surface.

These will animate and render faster and I don’t have to spend time modeling them either. And I think it fits nicely with their look, as well.

A few more:

animated veggies vegetables broccoli celery pepper cool fun funny cartoons kids children art licensing nutrition George Berlin

One of my personal favorites- the Onion! I actually made this out of a copy of the pepper you see above. Just pinched a

few things here and there and we have an onion- who knew, right? I’m very proud of the texture on this one- there are no

photographs used for this (or any of the others).

It’s just numerically controlled gradients and color layered over one another. And I really like the ‘onion-y’ legs on her too. Like

she’s wearing onion pantyhose or something.


Oh and the ladies all have pink glittery cat-eye shades. Think of the back-up singers for Ray Charles- that sort of look.

One more:

animated veggies vegetables broccoli celery pepper cool fun funny cartoons kids children art licensing nutrition George Berlin

I actually made a little mistake here- the tomato has a leaf that looks like he’s wearing a beret (think ‘beatnik’).

He’s actually supposed to be wearing a real beret- the sketch from the client was a little misleading. I like the leaf, though. It’s kind

of funny.

The tomato is actually made from a copy of the pepper, too. Awfully versatile pepper, eh?

I had to be careful with the pea pod that I placed the, er, ‘bumps’ in the right places… being a girl pea pod and all. I also had a bit of

a time positioning her mouth and glasses well, so that a pea didn’t look like her nose right in between them. She went from foxy to

Jimmy Durante really fast.

What do you think? Would you go see them in concert?

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12 paintings in progress

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 4, 2010

I thought I’d show you all some of my PAINTINGS in progress…

I usually show things like “Here’s the sketch”  and then- tada!- “Now it’s done”

So here we go.

works in progress cartoon animals funny fun elephants monkeys race cars pigs opera art paintings animation George Berlin

I know- it’s a big crazy mixed bag of various random paintings, right? Here’s how you all officially know the way my brain works. Stuff like this is all somehow connected to me.

You can even see, in the lower right, my super awesome expensive ink tray that I use when I’m outlining these. Yup, it’s the lid from a yogurt container.

Where to begin? Well, the dino, the unicorn and the stinky onion are for a fantastic patron of mine who bought three- count ’em-THREE paintings from me this Xmas. They were

all commissions, and  he’s bought 2 or 3 others from me in the past so I told him, eh, I’ll give you a few little teeny ones to ‘cuz you’re such a great guy. He commissioned a painting of vegetables

for his wife, a unicorn and hearts and stars for his daughter and a dinosaur in a train for his son. So I’m making little versions of each for him.

The two opera ones I showed in a previous post. I actually also drew the doodle that became the pig in the skirt the same day, while I was sitting at Gallery 203 (where I show my work) the other weekend.

I dunno, I was bored and I drew a little pig in a motorcycle helmet (a hog riding a hog- get it?) and then I drew that cute li’l sow there.

That just inspired me to do more pigs. The one of the papa pig happily leading the two piglets is actually a variation of a kind of old idea I had that was similar- except they were 5 little triangular monsters.

The monkey talking on his banana cell phone and driving the banana (as well as the elephant driving the peanut) are from a series idea I have of animals using their food in funny ways.

I also have a monkey in a banana shaped boat (banana boat- get it? I’m just full of laughs today, aren’t I…) and a rabbit driving a carrot shaped car. I think there’s a dog driving a bone somewhere too. It’s just oddly funny to me somehow. I’ll get to those soon.

On to the (semi) colored versions-

funny animal paintings art kids fun monkeys elephants dinosaurs piglets opera animation George Berlin

Y’know, I never realize how much pink I use until I work on a whole mess of paintings at once. See, I sit down and paint all the stuff that’s the same color at once. Let’s me

just mix up a pile of color and use it all up and then move on.

I usually don’t like the way my art looks at this stage. I paint the outlines, then I paint the color and then I outline it again.

So at this stage, the outlines are sort of painted over so it looks all fuzzy and weird. That and without the full color it always looks kind of dull.

But the lines on top at the end always bring it back to life and I like it again.

I think my next stage on these is going to be purples and some browns and blues. I think the opera paintings will have lots of maroon in things like vests or pants.

A couple of these are almost done, except for final inking. And yeah, I’m painting on the desk where the Mac is.

More next time- hopefully finished work!

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Animating doggies!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 1, 2010

Look at that- my first post of the new  year!

Hot dang!!

Anyway, here’ s some of what kept me so busy for two months where I wasn’t posting.

Well, this and a lot of other things- I’ll post some of those later.

Animated puppies:

So this is just one drawing of a puppy (which I didn’t draw) that is then cut up digitally into a body , a tail, a head

and four legs to be animated like a puppet.

I could really identify with animating this, because my dog (who’s part chow) likes to play games by himself sometimes

if he wants to play and I don’t. It’s a chow thing- apparently they entertain themselves pretty well.

So he’ll toss his fetchin’ ball up in the air and catch it or chase his rawhide treat around the living room and ‘capture’ it before

he sits down to chaw on it for the night.

Even I was amused watching this little puppy attack his bowl. The little bit you see here is part of a bigger 30 second pet store commercial (a lot of which was animated by several other animators). This scene alone took me probably about two hours to animate.

A whole lot of bending legs and posing and so on.

2 Hours = 5 seconds screen time…  that’s the animator’s life for ya!

Adios until next time!

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