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Animating doggies!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 1, 2010

Look at that- my first post of the new  year!

Hot dang!!

Anyway, here’ s some of what kept me so busy for two months where I wasn’t posting.

Well, this and a lot of other things- I’ll post some of those later.

Animated puppies:

So this is just one drawing of a puppy (which I didn’t draw) that is then cut up digitally into a body , a tail, a head

and four legs to be animated like a puppet.

I could really identify with animating this, because my dog (who’s part chow) likes to play games by himself sometimes

if he wants to play and I don’t. It’s a chow thing- apparently they entertain themselves pretty well.

So he’ll toss his fetchin’ ball up in the air and catch it or chase his rawhide treat around the living room and ‘capture’ it before

he sits down to chaw on it for the night.

Even I was amused watching this little puppy attack his bowl. The little bit you see here is part of a bigger 30 second pet store commercial (a lot of which was animated by several other animators). This scene alone took me probably about two hours to animate.

A whole lot of bending legs and posing and so on.

2 Hours = 5 seconds screen time…  that’s the animator’s life for ya!

Adios until next time!


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