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12 paintings in progress

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 4, 2010

I thought I’d show you all some of my PAINTINGS in progress…

I usually show things like “Here’s the sketch”  and then- tada!- “Now it’s done”

So here we go.

works in progress cartoon animals funny fun elephants monkeys race cars pigs opera art paintings animation George Berlin

I know- it’s a big crazy mixed bag of various random paintings, right? Here’s how you all officially know the way my brain works. Stuff like this is all somehow connected to me.

You can even see, in the lower right, my super awesome expensive ink tray that I use when I’m outlining these. Yup, it’s the lid from a yogurt container.

Where to begin? Well, the dino, the unicorn and the stinky onion are for a fantastic patron of mine who bought three- count ’em-THREE paintings from me this Xmas. They were

all commissions, and  he’s bought 2 or 3 others from me in the past so I told him, eh, I’ll give you a few little teeny ones to ‘cuz you’re such a great guy. He commissioned a painting of vegetables

for his wife, a unicorn and hearts and stars for his daughter and a dinosaur in a train for his son. So I’m making little versions of each for him.

The two opera ones I showed in a previous post. I actually also drew the doodle that became the pig in the skirt the same day, while I was sitting at Gallery 203 (where I show my work) the other weekend.

I dunno, I was bored and I drew a little pig in a motorcycle helmet (a hog riding a hog- get it?) and then I drew that cute li’l sow there.

That just inspired me to do more pigs. The one of the papa pig happily leading the two piglets is actually a variation of a kind of old idea I had that was similar- except they were 5 little triangular monsters.

The monkey talking on his banana cell phone and driving the banana (as well as the elephant driving the peanut) are from a series idea I have of animals using their food in funny ways.

I also have a monkey in a banana shaped boat (banana boat- get it? I’m just full of laughs today, aren’t I…) and a rabbit driving a carrot shaped car. I think there’s a dog driving a bone somewhere too. It’s just oddly funny to me somehow. I’ll get to those soon.

On to the (semi) colored versions-

funny animal paintings art kids fun monkeys elephants dinosaurs piglets opera animation George Berlin

Y’know, I never realize how much pink I use until I work on a whole mess of paintings at once. See, I sit down and paint all the stuff that’s the same color at once. Let’s me

just mix up a pile of color and use it all up and then move on.

I usually don’t like the way my art looks at this stage. I paint the outlines, then I paint the color and then I outline it again.

So at this stage, the outlines are sort of painted over so it looks all fuzzy and weird. That and without the full color it always looks kind of dull.

But the lines on top at the end always bring it back to life and I like it again.

I think my next stage on these is going to be purples and some browns and blues. I think the opera paintings will have lots of maroon in things like vests or pants.

A couple of these are almost done, except for final inking. And yeah, I’m painting on the desk where the Mac is.

More next time- hopefully finished work!

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