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A new big painting (in tiny form)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 13, 2010

Look! It’s a sketch for a big new weird-o painting!!

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I know, the photo stinks like last week’s cabbage… it was late and I had to get up early so I took a phone pic.

What to say here? Well, I just started out thinking… hmm monsters in a textile design. Could be interesting. so I made some critters

interlocking and overlapping and curving around each other and filled in some spaces between with other little critters.

And there you are. I like the little round ‘ball’ critters with the antennas. Them and the little amoebas and the pill bug type critters stuck in here and there.

I might lose the snoozing bear upper left corner- he’s stylistically too far from the rest of the characters. Oh, and yes, that’s Waldo just to his right. Might lose him, too.

A few others of note- yes, that IS a dodo bird near lower right! I like the weird flying mice thingies lower left- I don’t even know what those are, really.

Anteater upper right is fun- I keep meaning to draw one since they’re so funny looking. I mean, how do I resist that? It’s got funny looking built right in!

I’ve already painted the canvas a big bright orange for this painting (it’s gonna be 48 x 60). Hopefully you’ll see something of it soon!

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