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100 paintings (and a give-away!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 27, 2010

Last time, I mentioned 100 paintings I was working on…

Here they are! All done in about a week!!

100 little paintings series tiny art fun funky childrens kids cartoons funny dog animal elephant pig monkey George Berlin animation

I’ll go a bit more in-depth on a number of these in future posts (there’s a hundred- that’s a whole bunch to scan!)

but this is a project I’ve undertaken as a bit of a promo of sorts.

First off, I wanted to celebrate a few things- we have a special show opening Feb 5th at the Flat Iron Arts Building where I have

my work showing in Gallery 203. It’s this neat show called “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”.

In a nutshell- 45 artists from the building have painted an interconnected mural that runs the length of the hallways in the building.

8 feet each for about 350 feet! And each artist’s mural connects visually somehow with the ones next to it!

The best part, though, is that at 10 pm that night- we paint over the whole thing!

Crazy, right? Well it’s definitely a one-night only show, so come on out.

Also that night, come celebrate my expanded role in Gallery 203 (I now have twice the space as a full member!)

AND GET ONE OF THESE 100 PAINTINGS FREE by printing out this flier right here:

FREE ART 100 little paintings series tiny art fun funky childrens kids cartoons funny dog animal elephant pig monkey George Berlin animation

Seriously, just bring it in with your email address and I’ll give you one of these adorable little suckers. Really.

Here’s a link to that flyer if you want to email it around- and please do send it to anyone you know who likes funky, fun art!

Also that night (big night, I know….) my pal Alice Brozofsky is the guest artist in Gallery 203! She’s also my studio mate and doesn’t have a website,

but here’s a painting of hers:

Alice Brozofsky art horses sheep oils painting figurative realism

So come on down, see a huge mural, some cool realistic paintings by my buddy, and grab a free little tiny painting on me!

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