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100 paintings in one post!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 15, 2010

So, I showed you a few pages of my awesome new art book right here…

I figured maybe it would be nice to see all 100 of the paintings at once!

art animation animals dogs pigs funny critters fun kids licensing George Berlin

This is the background for all the pages in the book, right here.

Just to recap, these are all 2 x 2 inches, painted in about a week for a give-away at a show opening Feb. 5th (I gave away about 20 of them-

I’ve sold maybe 10 more since then).

I could go through and tell you where the ideas all came from for each one but a) this post would be six thousand pages long and b) that was

sort of the point of making the book!

So hit me up to buy one (not available in stores, only through this TV offer!) and read all about it!

I might make posters soon, too. Wouldn’t that be fun?


One Response to “100 paintings in one post!”

  1. Miki Katz said


    This website is absolutely awesome! YOU are awesome! I can’t wait for Friday night.


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