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A new painting continued…

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 16, 2010

Remember this post, way back here…

A little scribble of a doodle that was going to be a painting someday when he grew up?


Well, he’s not quite all growed up, but I’d say he’s definitely approaching puberty at least!

I’ve expanded a bit on the original doodle, since I realized it was square and this canvas

is more rectangular. So I was missing some on the bottom, mostly.

I haven’t really worked on this exclusively much. I was making 100 paintings in a week (and a book about them) a while back

so I was a LITTLE busy for a good week. But I did work on this as I was painting all of those- usually I’d paint this when I mixed too much of a particular

color and I didn’t want to waste it!

That and I’d turn around and do some painting (my animation desk is just to the right in this photo) whenever the computer was busy doing something

or I was waiting on client feedback from my day job and I had nothing to do. Sort of the side-project, if you will. It’s a big canvas!

So far I’m going through some colors and painting whatever I think should be that color. I like to work that way- sort of randomized, but keeping the balance of colors nice by separating

certain areas from each other. That and I can settle into a ‘purple’ mood and get all that done and then move on to being ‘green’ (which, I’ve heard it ain’t easy being).

Some of the lighter areas in this painting will eventually be yellow or gold- I painted the orange background first and the yellow I use isn’t very color fast, so I have to paint over

it with white first.

By the way, I don’t know how people make paintings this big all day long- I’m standing up, then sitting then slouching really low, then sitting on the floor, then lying down. It’s nuts!

Even on an easel, it’s the same thing. I just get stuck standing up and down on a stool instead of lying on the floor and getting up all day. I need a magical robot lift

or something to paint this  ( ed. note: tell girlfriend to get me one for Xmas!)

Well, looks like work’s a bit flukey today, maybe I’ll work on this some more. Oh, for a magical robot lift!


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