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My next book!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on July 27, 2010

Busy busy busy!

But back to posting, now… tons and tons of new stuff to show ya!

Like these ink paintings from my next book “Ways to Get Around” co-authored and co-illustrated with my friend and

children’s author Mike Venezia (who’s written over 100 books for children!)cavemen silly cartoon fun painting watercolor childrens book kids author illustrator Mike Venezia animator George Berlin

This is page one!

It begins with the idea people have been trying to get around since the dawn of time! It’s this caveman cartoon, and then one by Mike…

Then we move onward through time, showing ways people get around- like this one!

elephants monkey silly cartoon fun painting watercolor childrens book kids author illustrator Mike Venezia animator George Berlin

Every rich guy needs his own elephant to ride, I say. And a monkey in a fez, too!

And then, of course, your monkey’s going to want his own little elephant to ride along with you… one thing leads to another and  you get this painting.

Little tip for ya- watercolor paper has different ‘tooth’ (the texture) on both sides! This the painting where I realized that about the paper I’m using now. Oops. A little too texture-y.

I must have been using something else for my other works previously. Hmm.

These are painted using Dr. P.H. Martin’s super duper awesome tinted India Inks! Love ’em- works like watercolors, but covers like really vibrant inks!

One more, than back to painting!

sea creatures kids childrens art illustration illustrator author Mike Venezia George Berlin fun animation

We’re doing a page where we both have sea critters, boats, divers, submarines, crabs etc going down, down from the top of the ocean to the bottom of the sea floor in one long painting spanning several pages.

We’ll cut out our paintings and paste them onto a painting of the sea- a few of his, a few of mine, repeat. Here’s a couple of my critters.

I love the crab- he looks mighty sneaky! And the ‘garbage’ fish- looks like he swam up from New Jersey!

Back to painting- more to share later!

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