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Even more about my book!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 27, 2011

Last time dear viewers… I showed a sketch or two and some process about my latest

book “Ways to Get Around”

Now for some more sketches and what become of them!

I don’t think a single one of these sketches made it in! I did a painting of a guy with a red beard in a green suit skating like the one in this

sketch- but then realized he looked like a leprechaun! So he got the boot…

Originally, I had the idea to do a ‘ways to get around in the winter’ section of the book… but it got cut due to page limitations. The flying ones

gave way to some better ideas I had later. I like that propeller beanies are a way to get around, though. And the snowboarder has a great line to his legs

that I really was happy with. Maybe they’ll come back in another book- I save all my sketches!

Next one:

I used almost all of these drawings for the final paintings in the book! I even added a couple of animal drawings (and Mike put one in, too!)

The idea that we all need a little help sometimes was something I thought little kids needed to hear- even grown-ups and critters!

Here’s the page from the book:

Again, Mike’s ‘Toe Truck’  was way funnier than mine- but I used mine for another page  in the book, too.

Here’s a few of the animals I added to this page in sketch form also… The sketch of the rickshaw didn’t make it, and the pirate ship

was research for a page about traveling on the water that I’ll talk about later. The elephant drawing on the top ended up like this.

Next time- more sketches and some stuff about the layout, too! Enjoy!

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