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Book layout- hieroglyphics!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 5, 2011

I’ve been showing and telling about my latest book “Ways to Get Around”  for the last week or so in these posts.

Today I wanted to talk about about this page:

A little back story on, well, the story in this book. We compiled a few billion ways to get around, and then I wanted to have connection

between them all to a certain degree. Why not start at the dawn of time and work our way through history to outer space and the future, I suggested?

So this is the first full page spread, right after cavemen on page 1.  Romans and Greeks and Egyptians- so let’s add some wacky hieroglyphics as the

background instead of words like on the other pages! Also, click on the page above and check out the tag on Hermes’s toga that Mike added!

Here’s some hieroglyphics- you can’t see them this big in the book!

These are mostly from actual symbols- except the Pharaoh holding the apple of course. It probably spells something dirty if you’re an

ancient Egyptian.

Here’s Mike’s:

I love that he started with some of the actual ones and then when they ran out, he just went nutso! A few of my favorites, the soda, pizza and of course whatever

word you spell with “lollipop toilet poodle”

Another of mine:

These are silly interpretations of some pretty traditional symbols. I’ve always like Horus the bird-headed god so I tossed him in there too. And I figured I’d make

the scarabs a little less creepy, too.

That dog in the diaper? That’s my dog Thunder (not usually seen in a diaper and headdress, thank you).  He shows up all over in my art, and I’m sure

there’s at least a few of these paintings that have his hair stuck in them.

That’s it! What do you think?

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Book Cover evolution!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 4, 2011

So… we’ve seen a few things about laying out my book hereherehere, and here with emphasis on

how the paintings were cut-up and put together on the pages.

But what about the cover?

This was version 1 of the cover- lot different from what we ended up with (which I’ll show you shortly).

I showed it around here and there and one response I got was, um it’s a picture book- how about showing

some pictures on the cover so the kiddies (and their parents) get that right away!

And, well, they had a point. It’s also incredibly red and orange. Originally as you can see, it had little doodles in the

background like the borders of the pages themselves.

So version 2:

A little different, right? I had the idea of showing the paintings as just line drawings inside the words, so I made the words bigger.

Then I decided to make the words “Get Around” bigger and “Ways to” a bit smaller to make room for doodles:

Then, we  scrapped that idea and decided to use images on the cover and shrink the type a bit:

Getting close to how it ended up looking! Still have the doodles in the background, but I’ve moved the series

title up top and removed the shadow on it, and I added a little green top and bottom border to offset the orange.

It’s still the same color orange, but since there’s much less of it, it seems subtler.

Final cover image:

Big difference, right?

A little white outline on “Mike and George’s” and one very important change- now it’s WEIRD world

of Wackiness. Before it was WILD world of Wackiness.

The title is bigger and all one line and there’s LOTS of images on the cover- Mike really wanted to show the plethora of

ways to get around that we show in the book! I’ve also swapped doodles in the background for words in the background

like we have on the pages.

Lemme tell you how hard it was arranging all those little images on the cover in a way that they all fit nicely and

had a good amount of space around them. Also- I wanted to alternate Mike’s paintings with mine.

My favorite touch is the guy in the inner tube floating along the bottom there and Mike’s round submarine right between

TO and GET in the title.

That’s it for now- see all the crazy things happen to a book before you get to read it!

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Digital book layout cont’d

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 2, 2011

Last time, I showed you a little about laying out the pages of my latest book “Ways to Get Around”

So, I wanted to show you how a specific page was put together- this one’s special because it’s not

just one painting like all the others!

This one’s a whole bunch of paintings (by two different people)

put together onto a separate background. Here’s some of the sketches for it first:

Mind you, the guy on the camel and the stretch limo aren’t part of this page… This is from my sketchbook, since I do my

best work on the couch or waiting in line for stuff.

The idea was to have 4 pages of the book that you turn sideways, so we could show the ways to get around in the water from

boats etc on the surface down to fish swimming and all the way down to the bottom of the sea!

So I did some digital layouts  like so (click to see it huge!):

The paintings are just scanned in and roughly cut-out so I can see where they’re going to go.

This was during the second phase of the book- I had made my paintings and had some of Mike’s and I was laying things out to see how they’d work.

I sent this to Mike with notes about where his new parts would go, as we’d discussed them. You can see some of the sketches from earlier painted up and put in.

Once I got more art from Mike (and did a little more cutting out and re-arranging myself) it was time to put it all together- here’s the finished pages (click for huge!):

One thing I’m rather proud of is the background- the water and the sea bottom are actually the same painting:

The left painting is for the first page, and the right is for the second page -plus I tweaked the tones and shortened it a bit to make the sea bottom!

Voila! You have 4 pages of a kiddie book!!

Enjoy, and I’d love your comments on it!

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