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Book layout- hieroglyphics!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 5, 2011

I’ve been showing and telling about my latest book “Ways to Get Around”  for the last week or so in these posts.

Today I wanted to talk about about this page:

A little back story on, well, the story in this book. We compiled a few billion ways to get around, and then I wanted to have connection

between them all to a certain degree. Why not start at the dawn of time and work our way through history to outer space and the future, I suggested?

So this is the first full page spread, right after cavemen on page 1.  Romans and Greeks and Egyptians- so let’s add some wacky hieroglyphics as the

background instead of words like on the other pages! Also, click on the page above and check out the tag on Hermes’s toga that Mike added!

Here’s some hieroglyphics- you can’t see them this big in the book!

These are mostly from actual symbols- except the Pharaoh holding the apple of course. It probably spells something dirty if you’re an

ancient Egyptian.

Here’s Mike’s:

I love that he started with some of the actual ones and then when they ran out, he just went nutso! A few of my favorites, the soda, pizza and of course whatever

word you spell with “lollipop toilet poodle”

Another of mine:

These are silly interpretations of some pretty traditional symbols. I’ve always like Horus the bird-headed god so I tossed him in there too. And I figured I’d make

the scarabs a little less creepy, too.

That dog in the diaper? That’s my dog Thunder (not usually seen in a diaper and headdress, thank you).  He shows up all over in my art, and I’m sure

there’s at least a few of these paintings that have his hair stuck in them.

That’s it! What do you think?

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