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More dog paintings!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 2, 2009

So, I showed you some art in progress of different answers to “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” starting here…

And then I showed you a painting or two of this dog that I was commisioned to make here…

Now, I’m mashing them together!

dog painting cartoon commisions George Berlin animation art animator

This is something I’m planning to just GIVE to the nice lady who commissioned the two paintings of Zebo, as a token of my appreciation.

(Hopefully, she’s not reading this- oops!)

She’s been very generous in her patronage of my work, so what the heck, right?

The final will just be a little 11 x 14 watercolor or something simple like that.

Anyways, somehow several things converged in my mind to create this image.

First, I was joking when she picked up her painting that he’s captain Zebo, super Zebo, inspector Zebo, etc.

I thought, hmm, dog of a thousand disguises.

I believe I was also thinking of that bad movie with Val Kilmer where he’s a master of disguise (and definitely thinking of Fletch with Chevy Chase).

Also, somehow I keep following web links this week to funny pictures of animals dressed like people.

I’m sorry- but they’re just funny! Look it up- you’ll agree…

Anyway, so I came up with this.

Doctor Zebo. C’mon, if Doogie Howser can do it…

Inspector Zebo. Makes “Hounds of the Baskerville” take on a whole new meaning, eh? And I love the pipe.

Quarterback Zebo. Somehow, he’s on the wrong end of the ‘fetch’ equation.

Rockstar Zebo! Sadly, I own that guitar he’s holding. Not the mullet, thankfully.

Lawyer Zebo! Yes, that’s a subpoena he’s cheerfully waving. How could you not want to come to court for that, huh?

Did I mention Zebo’s mom is in the law field?

Crusader Zebo. I’m sure there’s a Halloween costume like this somewhere.

Pirate Zebo! Ain’t the eyepatch cute? Although I don’t know how well it would work,

being a dog who has a stick for a leg. He’d always be chewing on it or want you to throw it, I think.

And lastly, Cowboy Zebo! Yee-ha!

There you are… more soon. Lotsa work going on right now.

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A superhero dog commission (Done!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 23, 2009

I showed the sketches for this finished painting right here…

Now, the finished product!

Superhero dog painting commission George Berlin art animation pets

I’m really happy with this! I like how the buildings came out… especially the Chrysler building. I got a real appreciation for how awesomely designed that building is by doing this.

(on a side note, it’s a good thing I took this picture- I noticed from looking at it that I forgot to outline the upper left window on the Chrysler building…oops.)

This went a bit quicker than the last one. Y’see, the last one I painted all the stuff (lettering included) and then went, oh gee… I have to paint the canvas grey all over to simulate the newspaper look. Dern!

So what that meant was… driving myself mad painting around all the little nooks and crannies of the lettering. Argh!

Then I’d run out of paint, mix up some more and it wouldn’t quite match perfectly.

This one, well, I grew a brain and painted the background first. Duh.

How recent is this posted after finishing it? Well, I have some things to do shortly (including taking this piece to get framed) and I’m basically killing some time by photographing and posting this so the ink can dry and I can take it with me…

So very recent. I also tried something new on this piece. I usually do my inking with a Chinese white sable- today I chopped the end off it!

Works much better. I tend to get a bit sloppy with too long of a brush, as the tip gets hard to control sometimes. This length worked out just great, thank you.

I really like that tall square building in the middle- it’s got kind of a ‘painted comics’ look to the lighting and brushwork.

Good stuff!

See you next time!

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A superhero dog commision!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 19, 2009

So, I’ve done a commission or two here and there…

This will be my second for this particular fan of my work.

Here’s a photo of the first painting in its natural environment:

Dog painting commision George Berlin animation art

I know, you were expecting a posed little perty puppy painting, right?

Not with me! She asked for a painting of her dog as a superhero over the Chicago skyline for her husband.

I mean come on, how could I resist? I likes me some superheroes, as you may know…

Zebo is a ‘schnoodle’ by the way (schnauzer + poodle).  I actually had him sit for me (get it?) while I sketched him one day. He was in fact,

quite a good little model.

No, we didn’t throw him up in the air so I could draw him flying… I used my imagination.

Anyway, her husband liked it so much, he put it up in his office. So, now they want another one for the house. Cool, right?

She’s a big fan of Cap’n America (whom I painted here) so this time, it’s Captain Zebo!

Dog painting commission George Berlin animation art

She wanted this one a little different-hence the new alter ego and locale. I figured, what’s saving New York without

a huge raging ape climbing the Chrysler building, right?  I know Cap’n  America doesn’t wear a cape, but Zebo just looks nekkid without it.

This digital color test is what I’ll use to make the final piece (about 24 x 30) by connecting my computer to a video projector and blowing it up

onto a canvas.  I quite often use my little sketches this way with an overhead projector (like you’d use in grade school) by tracing them onto plastic

sheets. I like to work out my doodles and then just paint on the canvas- no designing on the canvas! I did this with the superhero paintings here (the

sketches were maybe only an inch or two high!)

I think I’ll go with a blue frame on this one instead of the red I used for Super Zebo. More Cap’n like.

Whatcha think? I’ll post the final here shortly (I’ll be working on it today).

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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 6)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 10, 2009

A few more sketches of heroes were here last time…

Now, on to the crooks!

Juggernaut Superheroes reimagined George Berlin children art

I think I like Juggernaut for a few reasons. First he was on the Spider-Man Saturday

morning thing which I loved, with Ice Man and the fire girl whose name I don’t recall.

Second, he was always kind of a pin-headed brute whose whole power was

basically plowing through stuff with his head. Hehe.

Riddler Superheroes reimagined George Berlin children art

I think part of why I like the Riddler (and all of these, really) done

like they’re little kids is that, well, superheroes look kind of weird.

Just a bunch of guys in fancy PJ’s playing war with each other.

I mean, c’mon- a guy who runs around in a green unitard with

question marks all over? Sounds like my 5 year old nephew…

I think I’m out of villians, so here’s DareDevil on, well, a pogo stick…

Daredevil Superheroes reimagined George Berlin children art

Don’t ask…

Next time- some wacky Star Wars doodles!

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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 5)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 9, 2009

I showed a few more of my new sketches here…

Time for a few more!

Thor Superheroes reimagined George Berlin children art

I get far too many good ideas from my girl- this was one of hers

after seeing an earlier drawing I did of Thor.

Make him with a little hammer, like he got it out of his dad’s tool drawer!

Lobo superheroes reimagined George Berlin art

Here’s Lobo.  A bit of a weirdo,  yeah? Needs some work, but I like the start…

Rocketeer superheroes reimagined George Berlin art

Here’s an oldie for ya- the Rocketeer! Anybody see that movie way back when?

Yeah, me neither.

But man, what he lacked in powers the guy made up for in cool helmets and jackets and stuff. Sharp!

Next time- some villians!

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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 4)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 8, 2009

More sketches! I showed a few here…

And I showed you some finished bits here and here.

Now- some more squiggles. I’d like to add these were all drawn in my little tiny sketchbook I bought at the

Art Institute store (about 3 x 4) with a grooovy painting of Ganesh on the cover.


Robin Daredevil superheroes reimagined childrens art George Berlin

It’s Robin and the DareDevil! I like that Robin looks, oh,only a few years younger than he is in the comics. I wanted asort of cheesy TV show Robin.

Robin Batman superheroes reimagined childrens art George Berlin

Then it was time to make them a bit younger- this is like

Batman is the ‘cool older kid’ (y’know, 8 or 9) that little

tyke Robin looks up to.

Batman has the big boy bike while Robin has the kick scooter.

He so cool!

I like the bat wings on the back of the bike, and the logo on the front. Reminds me of the all crap we used to put on our bikes as kids to try and look cool- like playing cards in the spokes or those fake plastic motorcycle thingies.

One more…


I was thinking of the henchmen in all the old Batman episodes- always looked like longshoremen to me.

Turtlenecks and knit hats. My darlin’ explained it as they were supposed to be beatnik hippie types.

Who knows- loved it though…more sketches next time!

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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 3)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 7, 2009

Here’s a few more of the finished paintings from my series of Superheroes re-imagined!
(part 1 here and part 2 here)

This one is, of course – Hulk Smash!!

Superheroes reimagined incredible Hulk George Berlin art

I like that the Hulk just looks like a tantrum-y two year old here. Mind you, a two year old that could probably snap your
neck, but still…

Hulk just needs some boiled spinach and a little burping and rocking- then just give him his favorite blankie and
put him to bed.  He’ll be fine (and much less green) in no time…

Spider-Man is one of my favorites, too.

I was a huuuuuge fan of that cheesy 70’s early morning kiddie cartoon. Got up at the crack of dawn every day
to watch that show. I think that got me into drawing as much as anything.

Y’know, the one that everybody knows the song from- Spider Man! Spider Man! Does whatever a spider can!!

And I even used to read the newspaper comic even though it was mostly about Peter Parker’s personal problems.

But here’s my version:
Superheroes reimagined Spider Man George Berlin art

It’s been pointed out that the real Spider-Man has blue on some parts of his costume, but I wanted him more iconic here.

That and, well, his body is basically a slightly longer version of his face with arms and legs attached to it so he doesn’t have
a lot of room to add this and that to him.

I like to think of him as Spider-Peanut right here. He looks kind of peanut-y doesn’t he?

Oh yeah, and I TOTALLY stole the way the background buildings are depicted from my friend Naomi (aka Monstrochika!) whose
work I really love and own a few pieces of. She rocks! Go buy some of her stuff!!

And, of course, I designed and animated her website, too.

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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 2)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 20, 2009

So here’s some finals of the sketches I posted last time.

Ghost Rider has to be my favorite one…
He’s like one of those kids on the really chubby tired big wheel bikes.

Ghost Rider reimagined superheroes sketches George Berlin
Cyclops comes in at number two. I think it’s the hair. I see why Wolverine thought
he was a jerk. Love ’em, though.

Cyclops reimagined superheroes sketches George Berlin

Flash looks like he’s in a mighty hurry.

Flash reimagined superhero sketches George Berlin
Cap’n is ready to kick some butt.

Captain America reimagined superhero sketches George Berlin

And of course, good old stubbly Wolverine. I think he’s still scary, even in
this kiddie version.

Wolverine reimagined superhero sketches George Berlin

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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 1)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 18, 2009

So here’s my version of some various superheroes.

I’m making these for some fun paintings-I’ll post some finals soon.

Some are done (here and here) and some I haven’t done more than sketches of.

I’m not much of a comics fan, really. My girlie currently owns more than I have ever had
(and she’s sold 90% of hers)

But I loved Ghost Rider and Iron Man and stuff as a kid and used to doodle little
superheroes of my own (this is actually the twisted path I took to art)

Ghost Rider Reimagined Superheroes sketches George Berlin
Somehow, I always picture Thor as a hairy, burly sort of dude.

Thor  Doctor Octopus reimagined sketches George Berlin

Here’s a couple of big ones… The Hulk, Batman, and Spidey…

Batman Hulk Spiderman reimagined sketches George Berlin
Spidey looks a bit like a peanut, but I think that’s why I like him.

And the Hulk is just kind of a big mad eggplant. Gosh, must be
nearing dinnertime…
Here’s Wonder Woman- looking not quite right.I was thinking of
how she’s this super Amazon hero, but they mostly just
focus on her, ahem, womanly attributes in the comics.
It also looks like her lasso  is just a balloon she’s holding
on a string.
Iron Man Wonder Woman Silver Surfer reimagined sketches George Berlin

Needs more work, still. With her are Iron Man (one of my favorites) and
the Silver Surfer. Who’s really just some weird silver naked guy flying
through the air.

Flash and Aquaman:

Aquaman Flash reimagined sketches George Berlin

Aquaman just gets no love. I guess since he’s basically useless outside
of water. I always liked him, though. And the Flash- doesn’t he get tired
and/or sweaty with  all that running?

Cyclops Professor X Xavier reimagined sketches George Berlin
Here’s Cyclops and Professor X. I like the Cyclops one- Professor just looks
like a well-dressed fish with a headache sitting in a wheelchair.
Wolverine’s not bad, though.
Woverine Captain America reimagined sketches George Berlin

I really like how Cap’n turned out, too. Classic pose.

Joker Penguin Catwoman reimagined sketches George Berlin

Here’s some Batman foes…Catwoman looked too much like, well, just a cat
for my tastes.

Then there’s the Fantastic Four. Invisible Chick is a bit weird still.

My style doesn’t do women very well, it seems.

Fantastic Four Thing Human Torch Mr. Fantastic Invisible Girl reimagined sketches George Berlin

Oh well. Last and perhaps least, here’s Hawkman. I always liked him, too.
He is a third-rate hero, though. But c’mon, having wings? How cool is that…

Hawkman reimagined sketches George Berlin

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